Dog Gone Road Construction

Dog Gone Road Construction 1



After the Thanksgiving Luncheon at Rockhaven School ( excellent meal ), we headed home and faced the same dog gone construction on the way back as we did going down , along with anyone else heading up to Elliot Lake. Noticed the vehicle in the front of us – someone else was curious about the delay.  Closer examination of the back of the vehicle reveals  devilish addition to the VW Logo and bumper sticker with the message, ” what happens in the dog park stays in the dog park”. Considering  recent Volkswagen news, there seems to be added context to the logo decal and bumper sticker message. See my Media Literacy blog post, Volkswagen Devil Logo – What Stays in The Dog Park for additional commentary (use title link or the above image)


Dog Gone Road Construction 2



Dog Gone Road Construction 3


Dog Gone Road Construction 4


Dog Gone Road Construction 5


Dog Gone Road Construction 6

Fall Colours in The Construction Zone


Construction ZoneFlow 1

Headed down to RockHaven School for Exceptional Students for the Thanksgiving Luncheon, when we encountered a bit of construction – reducing traffic to one lane (most of  students and part staff will take this route everyday there and back if they reside in  Elliot Lake ). Took advantage of being in the passenger’s seat to get a few shots of the Fall Colours. It was an overcast day – lighting led to experimenting with camera settings followed by some processing adjustments and further creative choices – combining some different effects and settings.

Construction ZoneFlow 2




Construction ZoneFlow 3



Construction Zone Lane Change



Construction Zone Clr 1

Construction Zone Big Dig

Construction Zone Clr


Along Riverview Road

Along Riverview Road


Along Riverview Road - Northern Rock



Rockhaven School for Exceptional Students  is across from the Serpent River. Once again Liz and I visited the school to participate in the Terry Fox Walk, along with our daughter and the rest of the school. The weather was overcast and rainy and, while I had an opportunity to take a number of photos, the results were different from last year’s walk.  The rain abated and some students & staff went for a walk towards the Serpent River post office. A few others headed down Riverview Road. For those who this was not an option, participated by walking the circuit of the gym multiple times.  Tasha, who is till recovering from an infection,  did  part outdoor & part indoor, along with Liz & myself.  A luncheon for parents, students and staff was held after the walk.

Along Riverview Road 2


Along Riverview Road 4


Along Riverview Road 3

Along Riverview Road 6


Along Riverview Road 5


Serpent River Edge

Serpent River Edge


Serpent River Edge 3Tt


Serpent River Edge 2


Had to go down to Rockhaven School the other day and took a few photographs of Serpent River. Inadvertently/forgot mixed up white balance setting. Went with it in processing,  an interesting range of blues & blue greens resulted. Decided to experiment a bit more with texture effects & layers to see where it might end up, somewhere along the river’s edge.


Serpent River Edge 4ScrBL



Is Somebody Singing

Bus 757

Liz & I were down to Rockhaven for a luncheon and presentation a few days ago. Rockhaven is a special school full of special people made up of friendly students & caring staff. Liz has been working on her big retirement project with a group of the students and I serve as Vice Chair on the Parents Council.

Rockhaven Crest gld

Today’s post presents some images that are part of the everyday experience of students, parents, and staff of Rockhaven School for Exceptional Students . As you can see, it is obviously in Northern Ontario, trees, rock, snow, melt on the pavement & a hockey net.

Waiting for Pick-up

The school buses were getting ready to take the students home after a very active day. The day had included a special lunch & visitors ( RTO members). A puppet presentation on autism that was funded with a grant from RTO ( Retired Teachers of Ontario). There was a presentation by RockHaven’s Exceptional Puppeteers ( Liz’s retirement project), and it all wrapped up with all the students singing/signing “Is Somebody Singing” (a song composed by Chris Hadfield & Ed Robertson).

Rockhaven -Exceptional Puppeteers

I believe these images help put life into a bit of perspective. The school is a wonderful educational community and the students there have much to teach us. I imagine Chris Hadfield can see Rockhaven from the International Space Station, the students shine brightly enough.

April - Is Somebody Swinging Mtt