Asemic Tarot Tuesday & other Glyphs

Besides this photo blog, I have a couple of other blogs out there  – some would say they are very out there. Implied Spaces, over time, has concentrated on experimental writing – prose & poetry – and experimental visual art, such as digital compositions, collages by way of scanography, and asemic writing.

I categorized the asemic collage compositions according to the codes and conventions of various media forms & genres, such as maps, greeting cards, snapshots, postcards, and posters.  One form, the Tarot Card, grew in sufficient number, that I decided to devote a blog just to Asemic Tarot Cards.

Asemic Tarot cards are distinctive in non-being. There is no accurate meaning/interpretation for any card, nor is there any formal layout. The ranking is capricious, as is the size and shape; they do not fit any standard. The names are a blend of real and alternative languages using a mix of cultures and symbols.



More on Asemic  Writing & Asemic Art


Surreal Thursday: Dream of The World

Dream of the World

So The World Dreams now,

whimsical wonders waltz  here

– curves between corners.


Man made signs are written here. The prominent text is found on inexpensive sandpaper. When life is finished, then you must protect the child and prepare a place for her. Eye-Open-in-Sleep offers a totem to the sky. He saw the Stone Dog appear in the earth, air, fire, and water, by using the Sanctuary of the Shell.

A mesmerizing conviction which blew to them like a trumpet rips through the veil of complacency.

The sea rises with the moon.

So, is it so potentially toxic and traumatic, that it requires a graphic content warning?


For the sake of our children, the Man of Soul-Medicine  so named  the people who dream of the star-object,  Kissed of The Clouds; this is the final unchanged message of the Major Trumps. They are referred to as the tribe of the sharp small ample wings with broad noses. Only a little of the Grains of Truth, and many of the large-scale shades, by tooth traders were also thought to be lost, before its rediscovery — and indeed unchangeable .

As —in respect of its design, it has been partly described already regarding its deeper sense. It represents also the perfection and end of the Cosmos, the secret which is within it raises the rapture of the universe, burns holes among the galaxies. Nature walks where the horizon curves  past the corners of civilization – Griffons guard the edges.



It requires the woods,
In more good to the stars;
Awareness of all restored.

It’s happening.
It is when sacred dream law calls
And is declared.

Sons of optional streams –

in evening stages  are together;
But when they are kept apart, the World weeps storms.
Where is perhaps the fact that we should  find second sight;
In particular, on such a day  when butterflies return to kiss sweet petals ?

In addition, there is the fact that is required –

a song that reaches elevated states

that this message previously discussed

opens  macro-cosmic Nature.

Joy to them who too sees and understands the Dream story –

All Mornings rise, when one is so blessed by sapphire dragon wings –
When they were taken higher,
Without incident  or  worse beguiled by false words.

Aunt says the card holds Truth;
This is an example of a half  Node of Time – symbolizes the spirit of perfection,
Concept’s Magus.
Sea Owl is above The One.
Self-knowing (nature) has been given;
The divine material is reflected in the people

This represents the highest degree of the Intuitive Initiation; another accounts for dream journeys which lead us . Only then does consciousness rise and stays pure till we awaken to the dream of our daily drudgery –  some say that it represents the absolute, which is ridiculous. The figure has been said to stand for Truth lastly. She has been called to select Crown of the Magi for those who seek a Dream Path among Morpheus’s stone shadows and scented songs.

The Sun – Tarot

The Sun - Tarot sun3A


Garden flowers kiss The Sun,
Now the race has begun.
Fair child swinging free,
Golden light shines on Thee.

Air, Earth, Fire,Water –
Turtle swims and never falters.
Arising sky and darting eye,
Secret Paths and hanging bower –
A Silver Pool –
The touch of Power .
The Clock that strikes
The Charming Hour.

Green as a bud,
A rusty nail.
Catching memories in a pail.
Roses bloom,
A Stick,
A Stone.
Blazing fire,
An empty Room.
A seed,
A masque.
A Thankless task.
“Nothing to hide”,
The Ladybug sings –
Just a glorious ride
On Butterfly wings.
A hidden map
Of Shadow Dances.
Joy of the Heart,
Shy furtive glances.

A Wheel.
A Golden Throne.
The Wooden Ladder.
A bright white bone.
The dog, the kite,
The Lost come home.  

An Invisible Art,
The Pen and The Paper.
A Knife and a Needle.
A Clown, a Caper.
Waltzing the worms –
A feather fandango.
Chiming the Bell.
Lighting the Torch.
Crying for pennies
With a Swan on the porch.

A Peddler pushes his cart
On Cobblestone songs;
Morning glories climb
With the coming of Dawn.

Bird on the wing.
The wind in your hair,
The cat in the cupboard.
The prize from The Fair.

The silver spoon.
The amber bowl.
A racing star,
A Calliope tune.
Vine to the trellis,
As weave to the web,
And the snores from a sleeper
Too long in his bed.
Bricks in the corner.
The rake on the shelf.
The flowerpots, the Hedge,
And the shy little elf.

Pebbles and bark,
An echo, a sigh.
Strawberries, marshmallows,
And Rhubarb pie.
Goose on the pillow,
A chair and a rug.
An aire from sweet pipes,
A harp, and a jug.

A Window, a Knock at the Door –
Bicycle dreams –
Searching for more.
A rhyme, a riddle,
A jig and a hoe.
With a mighty push,
Here we go !
A mouse and a feather,
A sandwich, a glass.
A bug on the carpet,
A chime in a flask.

As twigs to twine,
Or tines to sticks,
The Broom ambles in shambles,
Gambles and kicks.
Like a lion on the hunt
Or the deer on the run,
Follow the mystery
Under The Sun.

The Spider whistles gently,
A soft green refrain –
‘Tis a melody made
Of sweet Summer stems,
A sunbeam, a raindrop,
And the hush of two wrens.

A leaf as it falls,
A foot as it runs.
A rock, a doll –
Some twisty salt buns.
The scarlet banner,
The mud in the shoe .
The sea as it roars.
The Heart that is True.

Dragonfly Whispers.
Buds as they grow.
Hair in the wind,
Clouds that tickle your toe.

The joy of the Heart,
Racing the breeze.
Jumping the fence –
The branches, the bees.
The frogs in the pond.
The spin in the air.
A banner, a ribbon,
A circle, a square.
A toolbox, a gong.
Music and jam.
Oh for a coin, a pocket, a song !

Tears, petals, pearls, laughter –
The sky falls apart –
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, …… after.

What if Wednesday: Travelling to The Knick of Time


As Johann Filigree Hexameter Aomori drove past The Lady of the Sea Inn and headed out of Who-Knows-Where, he knew he had only a short time to complete his task. There were only a few hours before the train that was presently carrying his rapidly dying body arrived at the station.

Lady by the Sea Inn

Johann had been shot by the young widow,Lady Julep Persimmon Bede. The opal bullet, like his love for the beautiful young woman, was secure in his now barely beating heart. His body and Death would arrive at the station at same time. The situation was both tragic and inconvenient, leaving one opportunity. Johann had propelled his astral form along a Moebius Strip and completed a perfect temporal flip into potential events.

aetheric-steam charged automobile rm
Aetheric-steam charged automobile (Click to enlarge.)

He arrived in Who-Knows-Where ahead of both the train and his impending death. Having acquired an aetheric-steam charged automobile from the Grimm & Thyme Shoppe, his only hope was to drive into The Forest Beyond. Once there, he might be able to acquire a Melody of Memory from The Crow-Magnon.

Textured Text Crow Frm

Driving out of town towards the gathering woods, the Senior Junior Wizard , 12th Degree October, could see a fellow in Motley dress standing at the side of the road. Recognizing the tailored garb of The Traveller, he knew he would be a fool to not stop and give him a ride.

Tarot of Marseilles- Le Fool Variation

“A journey begins with your first stop.”


The Traveller - Harlequin of the Road
The Traveler – Harlequin of the Road


” I know. There are more doors to perception than windows in an outhouse. You wouldn’t happen to have an opal on you ? “


“I left it in my other body, but you can have it at the earliest opportunity. Are you familiar with the way to The Forest Beyond ? “



“Definitely. Keep going till you reach A Knick-in-Time.”


Johann nodded, A Knick-in-Time was even smaller community than Who-Knows-Where. It was more of a turning point than a destination. You could pass it in seconds and still take it all in, every minute detail.

” By the way, you wouldn’t happen to know a Melody of Memory ? “



” It sounds familiar,….perhaps if you hum a few bars……,” the Traveller smiled in response to the quiry.



Johann just smiled back and shook his head, ” I was hoping you might be Crow Magnon. They say the two of you are almost identical, except for the noticeable differences. It would have saved time.”


Harlequin Voyageur
Harlequin Voyageur



” Sorry, but I’m not him today. At least I wasn’t when I last looked in the mirror .” He glanced at the passenger’s side mirror to double check, ” No, definitely not today. Perhaps on another day, after an eventful life changing journey.”


Zebras1 Mtt


“Better watch out for those Zebras up ahead. They appear to be lining the road.”


Johann proceeded slowly, to avoid running over the Zebra lines. This gave ample opportunity for a small white dog to jump into the backseat of the car. It was not unexpected, as the dog was know to follow the Traveller around the bend every now and then.

Having passed the Zebras without a scratch, Johann picked up speed just as a flock of geese flew overhead in pursuit of a glowing orb of unknown quality (GLO).



” Those GLOs are coming earlier and earlier. They say it is a sign of Global Swarming. I do not believe it myself. It obviously just astral gas erruptions or Will-o’-the-Wisps. “



” Tea and Biscuits, ” the White Dog replied.



” Pardon ? “



” Pay know mind to him. He thinks he knows everything because he smells the past and the future. Get ready to hang a right up ahead.”



As Johann slowed down, he could see a small vendor stand come into view. Tea and Biscuits proclaimed the sign, as the dog wagged his tail in an ‘I-told-you-so fashion. Just past the stand, the wizard turned to the right and the road followed a slow dip into a misty valley. The mist thickened as the car went around a bend. The dog’s white outine blended into the mist and soon the small dog was long gone.


It was not too far past this juncture in the lengthing narrative that the mist rose and all became clear. Arriving in A Knick-in-Time, it became obvious that two roads diverged in the woods.



The Traveller pointed, “Take the less travelled by. It will make all the difference.”


Wheels in the Woods


With that turn, the vehicle proceeded to enter The Forest Beyond, and the narrative falls quiet, to leave the young wizard & his mysterious companion on their continuing journey.


Note for those who have confused, amused, intrigued, or entertained:

1. links in the text will take you to related pieces. You can also find more background information & access the whole Beowulf Barometer sequence by way of the new page – Phantasmagoria: Tales Tall & Short.

2. The Lady by the Sea comes from part of a piece done by my wife.

3.Le Fool is based on an original card from the tarot deck of Jean Dodal of en:Lyon, a classic “Marseilles” deck from 1701-1715. For more information on the meaning/interpretation of the archetype see The Fool (Tarot card).

4. The Harlequin figure comes from Maurice Sand’s 1671 Masques et bouffons (Comedie Italienne).








Mandala Collages

The process of creating these digital mandalas helps me focus. It is similar to constructing a puzzle , but you don’t know what it will be until you finish. You know when you are finished when you look at it and it is done.  Sometimes the finished project becomes a component in a new one.  The process  also opens the way to experimenting with a variety of photo-imaging techniques.