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Antique Impressions: A Modern Convenience

Modern Convenience 1fr


Modern Convenience 2fr MTd


Modern Convenience 3 MT-Gr


Modern Convenience 4fr


Dreaming of Valhalla


Under the bright eye of the Sun,

Old warriors die, dreaming of Valhalla

~Jörð’s  relentless army approaches~

Dreams are bleached & rusting.

The green limbs rise in triumph

Over that rocky bed  of woe.

No tears stain the battered armor this white-bone day.

Smoke may be seen, shadows of broken pledges in the wind;

Not even the raven comes here to pick bones clean.

Valhalla 2

Note: I imitated the metaphorical & declarative style of speech found in Anglo-Saxon poetry, while  building a visual metaphor of abandoned & broken household machines and various vehicles. Here is the link for more on the Germanic Gods. 

Bell 47-D1 Helicopter in B&W

At the beginning of November we took Tasha to The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie.  Among the many exhibits was the Bell 47 D1 Helicopter

This helicopter is being restored in the configuration of one owned by the Ontario Lands and Forests in 1953. That helicopter was the first to be owned by a government agency in Canada. Our Bell 47D was donated to the CBHC by Canadore College in North Bay.  The Bell 47 was the first helicopter allowed for civilian use.

You can not touch, but you can photograph.  The museum does include many interactive exhibits and with great hands on activities for all kids.

The Bushplane museum includes two theatres at the Centre, one of which is a 3D sensory experience.

There is much to reflect on at this excellent destination,  history, technology, the environment.  ( See the links above for more information. Their web site includes many useful resources for educators, parents, students & the curious.)

Toronto at Night: Sings The Streetcar Electric

Here are some more photographs from the Toronto trip. On the way back to the hotel the traffic and the Garmin GPS took us round and round. One accident near the Gardiner Expressway access triggered backup traffic that went forever, or so it seemed. The Toronto Streetcars at times were impervious to this mess and just kept singing along their tracks and overhead lines.

The Computer Cat

The Computer Cat has completed the job!  This digital documentary captures the creative process by which this creative creature produces his digitally enhanced photographs.

Step One Contemplating the artistic goal and framing the image in your mind.

Step Two: The artistic goal is transformed into digital form.

Step Three: Now contemplate the achievement of the artistic goal and filling the mind and spirit with personal artistic satisfaction.

With gracious humility get scratched behind the ears and under the chin. Allow lesser human to post some of their poor efforts.