sunlight & curtains

“It’s curtains for you Mug!!” When someone is threatened with death in the old gangster/hardboiled detective movies & stories, it was always curtains. This term derived from theatre, when the last bit of stage direction was curtain – indicating the end of the show/play, and dropping the curtain.

“It’s curtains for you” is a metaphor.  The final ‘Curtain’ is drawn across the stage at the conclusion of the person’s life.  The expression ‘it is curtains for you’ simply means you are finished, your escapade is over, the game is up, you have been discovered, you are about to receive your punishment, you have arrived at the conclusion of your wrongdoing, the time is up for you. The hardboiled characters used this as a threat of imminent death. So well-worn was this expression of existential threat that it became a cliché and used in parody. Even Bugs Bunny  menaced those gangsters when the jigs was up.






Tardis in the Garden

I don’t remember that being there this morning.

There was an odd noise a while ago. Asked the police officer about it; she said nothing to worry about. New neighbours passed by, a retired bus driver & his grandson – they hadn’t heard anything.



A New  doctor dropped by – she does house calls, if there is an emergency, refreshingly old school. Suggested I don’t blink, until she fixed the problem.


Just another What if Wednesday.

Curious about the Tardis? Elizabeth has been running the Elliot Lake Exceptional Puppeteers, a Special Needs community theatre group (Link). The Tardis has been used in a number of performances & on the group’s Canada Day parade float. It has finally retired to the garden for the summer.