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In the Court of the Red Queen

Court of The Red Queen


This piece was created using shots from my wife’s latest theatrical project. Working with a mix of puppets and pantomime style production she put together a Alice meets Dorothy tale that is performed by a group of Special Needs individuals from our community. So far there have been two performances at local schools. Next week they perform at a senior’s home.

Note : The rabbit is a life-sized puppet. The Mad Hatter is played by a respite worker. The group is called The Round-about Exceptional Puppeteers .

Much Ado About April Part Two

Much Ado About April Pails 1 MTtr

Alas, …  the prophecy of heavy rain gathered

Into tumultuous clouds.

The day progressed, a leaky barrel full of dark foreboding.

Once again a tiny riverlet ran through the veranda,

Carrying a flotilla – the feathery remains of the previous Fall.

The gentle Spring had become agitated.

All did subside.

Dark cold clouds stretched –

Joining the horizon’s edges -

Draping the heavens in sad occasion,

With Whispers of Winter’s white fleece.

Late in day, the old married couple

Found to their dismay,

A watery pool had grown………

Lapping in the laundry work-station -

The weeping tiles’ noble efforts

Over-matched by April’s lament -

Tears  flowed.

There was much ado of pails bailing urgently.

In time, dry eyes beheld dry floor, …..

But what of that melancholy wintry aire

Playing at the front door ?


Much Ado About April Pails 2 MTfgr


* * Here ends Part Two * *







Fishing for Dreams

Fishing for dreams

Much Ado About April Part One

Much Ado About April Arbor Bench

The April sunlight brought a glimpse of Spring colour to Winter’s demise.

And there was Much Ado about the Garden Arbor.

Alas, …  the clouds gathered once again.

The gentle lady became agitated at prophecy of heavy rain -

And fell into a swoon at the report of new ~ fallen snow. 

* * Here ends Part One * *



Much Ado About Spring Colour

Antique Impressions: April

April Bench MT


tracks 3 MTr


Vaudeville Lady Postcard – Xs & Os

Vaudeville Lady Postcard - Xs & Os GH


Vaudeville Lady Postcard – Dolls

Vaudeville Lady Postcard - Dolls


tracks 1 MT

Tracking Winter’s demise

from a different perspective -

Before the Fresh Green,

grey brown Grit

Fills the crevices.

Lines & angles

where hurried water

Seeks respite -

Spring arrives,

……….. with dirty feet.


tracks 2 MTrg



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