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Much Ado About April Part One

Much Ado About April Arbor Bench

The April sunlight brought a glimpse of Spring colour to Winter’s demise.

And there was Much Ado about the Garden Arbor.

Alas, …  the clouds gathered once again.

The gentle lady became agitated at prophecy of heavy rain -

And fell into a swoon at the report of new ~ fallen snow. 

* * Here ends Part One * *



Much Ado About Spring Colour

Antique Impressions: April

April Bench MT


tracks 3 MTr


Vaudeville Lady Postcard – Xs & Os

Vaudeville Lady Postcard - Xs & Os GH


Vaudeville Lady Postcard – Dolls

Vaudeville Lady Postcard - Dolls


tracks 1 MT

Tracking Winter’s demise

from a different perspective -

Before the Fresh Green,

grey brown Grit

Fills the crevices.

Lines & angles

where hurried water

Seeks respite -

Spring arrives,

……….. with dirty feet.


tracks 2 MTrg


Textured Text: A Fable

Textured Text - A Fable TR

It has been awhile since I posted any Textured Text images. This one is Fable. I started with one of Tasha’s illustrations and built it up from there using scanned images, textures I created and some of my photos.  I think Tasha’s illustration started out as her version of the Three Bears plus One.  The meaning of the whole piece depends on the viewer.

If you are interested in the swans see the post – Impressions of Black Swans.

Note: I have a new post over on my Media Literacy blog – A Canadian Anijam




Remnant MT


Hanging IN

Hanging In MT


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