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Create !




Time  to take out the knitting needles and the paint and create a new reality.


Create 2


Or is that knit the paint and weave a new reality ?


Create 3



Then again you could etch the paint onto a new reality !



Create 4



Perhaps it will be easier to paint the knits onto a different reality.



Create 6K



Whatever you choose, make sure to leave a good impression.


Create 5K

Bonus Creations: Go  to  Heat – Empty Lot in July



Raccoon Visitation

Raccoon Visit 1


Raccoon Visit 2

We  had this raccoon come by early in the evening the other day to see what it could mooch from the seeds, feeder and see what it might be able to convince the gullible in providing. It warily obliged me with a photo shoot.




Raccoon Visit 3


Raccoon Visit 4

Poppy Optikals 1 -3

Poppy Optikal 1



Poppy Optikal 2


Poppy Optikal 3

The Show is On !

The Show is On

Wrong Bird

The Wrong Bird 1 fr

We have had many a bird sitting at or on our bird feeder , along with squirrels of various colours & sizes, chipmunks, and of course raccoons. We even had a young bear once. This is however, totally the wrong bird – and why is he staring in my kitchen window ? He certainly has a lot of gall.


The Wrong Bird 2 fr



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