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Bearded Dragons in B & W

Bearded Dragon - female1B&W


Bearded Dragon - female 2 B&W


Bearded Dragon - female 3 B&W



Bearded Dragon - female 4 B&W


Some shots of our two bearded dragons.  The first four shots are of the female. The following are shots of the male.




Bearded Dragon - male 1 B&W



Bearded Dragon - male 2 B&W


Bearded Dragon - male 3 B&W


Bearded Dragon - male 4 B&W


These images were inspired by George Weaver’s post  of her young bearded dragon Lucy. George’s B&W rendition of Lucy was quite striking and I had promised her I would try a few  of my own.

Still Waters

Still Waters

Still waters suspend

Bright light lilies – quietly

Wooden limbs wading

Never reaching the green shore.

The old remember that shore.

Noir Perspective

Noir Perspective

Nightly Gloaming,

Oracular Glimpse.

Ironic Glance,

Representational Image.



Cryptic pictures representing each evening at dusk. See how they weep in the shadows ? Gather the fallen pieces and stack them up by the door. Be careful to keep track of broken ends and cracked corners.  Watch your step on the leafy path at dusk.


The leaves hang, bright Shades

Reminding me of childhood

Fears – an empty path.



See the Oracle. Ironically, recount Prophetic Comments made at each dusk encounter.







Oracle knowledge ~ Ironic Vision.

Representational figures.

How like them to leave






I cry; a mysterious photograph showing every evening at dusk – an image.


Please refer to The Oracle Account to comment on the irony of the prophecy made in the meeting each time they gather. Bring all records.


Noir Perspective Nature

Screen Illustrations

CAT - Screen

Screen Illustrations present images that appear to be screen prints of illustrations from a variety of different types of books.

A couple of the original non-screen versions appeared in posts in my other blog, Implied Spaces. As indicated in their captions, clicking the images will take you to the post on the other blog to see the images in there original form & context. The other images appeared in non-screen form in earlier posts on this blog.

Click image to see non-screen version on Implied Spaces

Click image to see non-screen version – Book of Winter Memories on Implied Spaces


Lower Bite Screen


Screen - Junk Mail Abstract - Come To The Party3


Original version appeared on Implied Spaces. Click image to view post.

Original version appeared on Implied Spaces. Click image to view post.

Weed Along the Road

Weed Along the Road


The weed along the road,

Its scent strolls down the sidewalk,

Embraces me mid-step.


Weed Along the Road 2



Burgundy flowers,

Coquettes going to seed, smirk.

I walk on the wild-side.

Weed Along the Road 3


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