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Antique Impressions: Mech in Colour

Mech- Antique Colour1g


Mech- Antique Colour2g


Mech- Antique Colour3g


Mech- Antique Colour4g

These are parts of a garage door, dating all the way back to 1957, insert ironic smile here.  An antique-steampunk sensibility raises the aesthetic appeal, and makes some of  us ( with longer memories & experience)  feel less like rusty relics destined for a scrap heap. Don’t you feel exotic ?

Bearded Dragons in Colour

Bearded Dragon - female1fr


Here are some colour shots of our two bearded dragons, as promised in an earlier post. As you see there are a mix of modified  art images, two of the male and one of the female, the rest are of the female without art modification.

Bearded Dragon - male 4


Bearded Dragon - female 4


Bearded Dragon - male 1


Bearded Dragon - female 2fr


Bearded Dragon - female 3fr

Antique Impressions: Mech in B&W

Mech- Antique B&W1


Mech- Antique B&W2


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