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Stepping Out – The Surreal Side




Recipe Book – Page 15: Sunflower Pie


Garden Cat – Textured Winter




These two compositions  were used as part of a larger composition on a post Implied Spaces .  It is part of my exploration of Asemic Writing , which arose from the creation of textured textures using my daughter`s writings and drawings. 

Some Things to Consider
















Screen Shot Girl !










Cephalization made whole



in his company,……



the lady contemplates her image,



and reads carefully.





The Garden Loon


The Loon glides past the tomato plants in our backyard –  Suspended in time with the rest of the mural painted by my wife. The plants will pass away with the coming Fall, while the Loon continues in motionless movement through the grains of the wood board on which its reality clings.

the blue water ripples

across hard wooden surface –

frozen as winter;

ceaseless seasons cascade past,

how are we so different ?