Phantasmagoria: Tales Tall & Short

Phantasmagoria: Tales Tall & Short

I have been gradually building up a number of prose pieces that, in various ways, blend elements of fantasy, folklore, steampunk and speculative fiction. Some of these narratives are episodic. Some share characters. To make it easier for those wishing to follow along & better understand some of the ideas that form the basis of these imagined realities I have created this page.

The Caravaggio Sequence

Night Mask - Aqua Dreams vg

In this set of episodic narratives, the painter Caravaggio is painting reality. He exists in a world of probability and re-cycled events. He desperately tries to paint himself out of a temporal corner. The mystery is whether this reality is just some virtual construct or a collapsing temporal hole. Perhaps it is both.

Surreal Thursday: Caravaggio at the Beach 1

Surreal Thursday: Caravaggio at the Beach 2

Atlantean Portal_Surrreal Shoreline

Steampunk & Lovecraft Tales

What if Wednesday: Steampunk Church Windows

Professor Palindrome’s Chrono-Postcard1

The Kirlian Cyanotype

Antique Angel-4

What if Wednesday: Raygun Gothic

I940’s E-books

Theatre Announcement

Surreal Thursday: H. P. Lovecraft Gallery Walls

The Birch Trees That Winter

Kaleidoscope Doll

Abstract Figure: The Entertainer Behind the Screen

The Doll in The Wall

Dream Voyage of The Star Feather’s Challenge

In The Gardens of Ulthar

Antique Impressions: House of Faded Dreams

Antique Impressions: The Lamp

Take The Plunge

Existential Friday: The Invasion


Atlantean Artifacts Revealed:

Atlantean Artifacts 1                      Atlantean Artifacts 2      

What If Wednesday: Steampunk Star-gate & Atlantean Portal

Hyborian Artifacts

  Atlantean Artifacts 3                     Atlantis & Leng       Atlantian Wall murals

Atlantean Wall 39PILS

Allegories & Folk Tales of Metaphor & Wordplay

News from the Front Lines A news report from a metaphorical reality. This satirical allegory is based on a world of literary terms come to life.

Canadian Classics Re-imagined: Surfacing the lamp at Noon

Antique Impressions: The Fog


Surreal Thursday: Crow-Magnon This tale explores a world of folk tale and word play. The crow/raven is a trickster who brings gifts and knowledge at a price; see the absurdity and laughter in living.

Fog Bound Forest- Crow

The Beowulf Barometer Sequence

An episodic adventure featuring the wizard, Johann Filigree Hexameter Aomori. The narrative takes the classic trope of a murder mystery on train and sets it in a steampunk fantasy reality. The basis of the magic combines the concepts of Jungian Psychology and the beliefs/ideas from Victorian & Edwardian occult/pseudo-sciences.

Beowulf Barometer

I call the rules of this reality Meta-textual Metaphysics. In effect, the wizard is aware that his universe is a narrative. His survival depends on manipulating the narrative through various forms of magic & advanced scientific devices. Along the way, he encounters living archetypes and symbols; at times, his reality takes on a dream-like quality, as space & time shifts. Word-play and metaphor can both reflect & alter reality.

Surreal Thursday: The Beowulf Barometer

What if Wednesday: The Wizard’s Knitting

What if Wednesday: Travelling to The Knick of Time


2 thoughts on “Phantasmagoria: Tales Tall & Short

  1. Wow, I love the The Caravaggio Sequence, and the Steampunk stuff the best. I studied Chiaroscuro in art school a bit. So nice to meet you! I’m a fan!

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