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The Hook


Having  had his fill of turkey, he carefully cleaned his teeth. Now he was prepared for Black Friday. When it came to getting the best deals, he knew how to get right in there, and not let go.


The Plasticman Always Rings My Lovely


The Plasticman always rings My Lovely, every Wednesday at midnight. It is the same ending to every conversation, “Bats eat the fish bones of time“. It doesn’t matter now.  I got my heater and he’s going to get a Harlem Gooseberry in his smiler before sunrise. Tooting the wrong ringer will get him a twist and crackle, and then he will jump like a flame in a tango bar.  Once I’m done, he’ll be ready for the darkroom scanner. 

Trigger man takes slugs,

Trip for biscuits gone south fast –

fish bones stick down deep……



Lost Track


Waiting Room: Nursing Station B or Door 31




Existential Friday: Selfielessness Rest Stop

Rest Stop 2


An existential moment at rest on the edge of wilderness –

or the edge of a deconstructed man made environment ?

Signs of selfielessness are evident in the stillness.

Perhaps he should have written more often, but then they would have made it all his asphalt.

Rest Stop 3

Reminder of Terminology

Selfielessness – 1. The state of being without selfie.

2. An  image that intentionally depicts being without selfie.

3. The process of producing such an image. This is known as the photographer is “Thinking & Being outside the Frame”.

4. The contemplation of such an image