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Bird on a Post


Woodpecker Works






Last One In

last one in


This way quickly.  The lifeguards are coming and they want us to get the flock off the beach. 

Not very sociable are they ? Besides we are Canadian and they are supposed to stand on guard for thee.

Never mind, head to the water . We can float some possible solutions as we take stock of the current situation.

Well lets race. Last one in was a rotten egg !

Just cut the wise cracks  and shut your flap.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you soar.


Pun narrative done in the style of John’s blog -The Daily Graff.  Be sure to take a gander at his punny posts.


Birds at Water’s Edge

Killdeer - Plover 1

Killdeer - Plover 2

Killdeer - Plover 3

My wildlife photography relies more on luck than on any great skill. My wife spotted what she thought were sandpipers by the shore and directed me there, while re-directing the dog in to another area. With some( quite a few) multiple shots, followed by some cropping with miner adjustments I managed a few respectable compositions to share. 

Mother's Bird-book Memories

Mother’s Bird-book Memories

Accurate identification was an issue.  These birds were not sandpipers. They are a type of plover, but which type was the question. With the assistance of of some online resources and then cross-referencing my parents old bird book( full of my mother’s many lists/reminders)  I determined these were killdeer ( unless I messed that up – those in the know will surely confirm/correct).

See these blogs /resources:

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Clare Kines –  Identifying Plovers: Harder Than You Think

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Killdeer - Plover Pair 1


Killdeer - Plover Pair 2


Killdeer - Plover Pair 3