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Smile for The Camera

Smile for the Camera 1

Our house is full of odd items. They show up in unexpected places – sometimes they get there without anyone’s help.


Smile for the Camera 2

Existential Friday: The Existential Horizon Opens

The Existential Horizon Opens  – A Visual Poem

- thought we were not being heard, but still we arose from the remembrance of landscapes and the incorruptible beauty of the Unresolved……

This is the way in which writing has not changed – You get to new ego-layers through self-disclosure – sharing reflections about the shadow-self. You start at the first layer then work your way down to the core of memory

( Source : Postcard from L’isoletta mia          



Existential Horizon 1


Existential Horizon 2


Existential Horizon 3


Existential Horizon 4

Note on Process: All the images in this sequence include the  texture, aged photo-paper 9. This and other texture layers can be found on the Boxing Day Texture post. 

aged photo paper9

For those interested in my more experimental images and creative compositions check the following tags – Existential Friday, Surreal Thursday, and What If Wednesday. Also see the Phantasmagoria Page for Fantasy and other cross-genre compositions. 

Further experimental compositions can be found at my other blog, Implied Spaces .

Dogs just-wan-tah Have a Run

Dogs what tah run 1


Dogs what-ah run 2

What if Wednesday : Spring March 25 2015

What if Spring 1

What if it was Spring, but the scene outside your window disagreed ?

Would your heart freeze down to your knees ?

Would you sneeze in disbelief ?

……..or shake your head in frustration

and mock grief ……………………..


Reality snows

down on our heads blanketing

perception white noise




on our heads


What if Spring 2

Would you remember  that All Mass Media Constructs …………….Reality ?

Reality Shifts

perception bends freezes your

beliefs falling fast

What if Spring 2 mdf

Would colours go mute turning monochrome en mass -

as a new medium  constructs

Reality ?

What if Spring 4

An antique  world from another time  & memory emerges -

old winter stained and toned by recollections……

do you feel younger or older now ?


Reality’s bones

creak going down – down into


What if Spring 3

What if it was Spring, but the scene outside your window disagreed ?

perception bends, freezes your

beliefs –


Reality becomes white noise



on our heads



What if Spring 5

Do you take photographs ?

Bending perception and  constructing digital reality

into gentle winter fantasy

that freezes beliefs –

What if it was Spring ?

What if Spring 5 mdf


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