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Broken Memories


Standing outside the Veterinarian’s office on a Saturday –

taking random photos,

keeping my mind on composition and lines.


Will have to comeback later,

alone at home when the call comes –

an unexpected outcome,

the cat would not be coming home.


Memories & emotions break –

vivid colours and hard contrasts –

framed in a question;

How do you to tell sweet Downs daughter,

her  Zorro-cat won’t be coming home ?


Weeks later –

preparing images, composing lines –

still broken in hard vivid contrasts.



Winter in Monochrome: Jan 2017








As you can see, we finally are getting closer to normal accumulations of snow for this time of year. There are weather announcements of Snowfall. A developing Low pressure system from Wyoming is expected to track across northeastern Ontario Tuesday, with total amounts of 5 to 10 cm anticipated overnight Monday, 15 to 20 cm of snow ( possibly mixed with rain) likely Tuesday.   

Because of the earlier melt and rain, the area in front of our garage has ice thick enough for skating, unfortunately surface is pebbly and sloped – also difficult to stand on when using a snowblower.  The dog, on the other hand,  is having great fun.

Tracking Down Monochrome Winter






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