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Not a broccoli salad

Not a broccoli salad

Twine Until Tomorrow

Twine On Till Tomorrow

Fall Dressed in Yellow

Yellow Fall October  A15


Yellow Fall October  A16

Yellow Fall October  A17


Construction Zone in Monochrome

Construction Zone Monochrome 1


Construction Zone Monochrome 2


Construction Zone Monochrome 3


Construction Zone Monochrome 4

Dog Gone Road Construction

Dog Gone Road Construction 1



After the Thanksgiving Luncheon at Rockhaven School ( excellent meal ), we headed home and faced the same dog gone construction on the way back as we did going down , along with anyone else heading up to Elliot Lake. Noticed the vehicle in the front of us – someone else was curious about the delay.  Closer examination of the back of the vehicle reveals  devilish addition to the VW Logo and bumper sticker with the message, ” what happens in the dog park stays in the dog park”. Considering  recent Volkswagen news, there seems to be added context to the logo decal and bumper sticker message. See my Media Literacy blog post, Volkswagen Devil Logo – What Stays in The Dog Park for additional commentary (use title link or the above image)


Dog Gone Road Construction 2



Dog Gone Road Construction 3


Dog Gone Road Construction 4


Dog Gone Road Construction 5


Dog Gone Road Construction 6


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