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Existential Friday: Winter Selfienessless

Selfielessness – The state of being without selfie.

Winter Selfielessness 1fr

Selfielessness  in  The Winter

is a Still State of Being -

without a selfie.

Just like an old photograph that has become empty of context and full of mystery,  where has the Self gone ?

Who took this photograph ?

Why was it taken ? 

For whom was it taken ?

All Mass Media have an intended target audience,…………

even if it just for the Self.

Can the Self be without context ?

Can it find

justification in unification

with The Other ?

Try naming The Other

without naming your Self –

Like a Winter without a Summer,

The only Seasons are Snow and Ice,

Forever changing, forever the same.

That is the name of Chaos – Ordering Randomness,

a wind that grows butterfly wings

while ice crystals blue-white soul-sings

the Never-ending Random

Ordered Stillness


Unconfirmed Context.

Now go and be Outside the Frame 

Capture Selfinessless & Find the Other.

Winter Selfielessness 2fr

Note: This is a free form hyper-linked prose poem . The links provide sources, ideas  and connections & expanded context to the piece.

Surreal Thursday: Box Camera Photos Taken While Dreaming

abstraction-sphere  5fr

Label this one “Box Camera Photos Taken While Dreaming”.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, I took the old box camera with me beyond the fields we know to where the dreams border the fable farms and faerie courts ramble in the moon glens.


abstraction-sphere 6fr

The boughs of the synchronicity willows were heavy with fruit. The Abstraction Spheres were swollen and ripe. They drifted down , leaving a scented trail of moebius strips. Bobbing up and down, they hung in the air vibrating to the music of the faerie as they played.

Dancers spin wild delight

rhythms of Morpheus weave shadow-spheres

colours twist to musicians’ magics

spell -hoard , crystal strings sing,

soul-anchor slides into the depths,…….



abstraction-sphere 7fr

Where was I,…. ah yes, just place them over there next to The Mirror of The Martian Muse and The Unicorn Tail Rug.


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Antique Impressions: Ice Flow

Ice Flow 1

Looking on, snowy

elephant’s head observes white

creation flowing -



foundation  crystallizes

curving recesses .


Ice Flow 2Mvr

A long white beard pours,

looks down at frigid darkness  

sharp hairs pierce the air –





an observation

Ice Flow 3

Time sits still in cold

corners, hidden in crevices

King Eternity –


Ice Flow 4

Hoary Pachyderm

abstractly weighs the moment, 

waiting to shift feet.


Ice Flow 5


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