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Some Things to Consider
















Screen Shot Girl !










Cephalization made whole



in his company,……



the lady contemplates her image,



and reads carefully.





Surreal Thursday: Out of Body Experience






Soaking up Moon Rays

Soaking up Moon Rays


This Halloween – a spooky self-portrait. See Post Medieval Kirlian on Implied Spaces for a different interpretation.

Soaking up Moon Rays DbL


Bunraku Head

Bunraku 1


Bunraku 2

Bunraku Head

I reached into the closet searching for more boxes of Kleenex-tissues and came up empty, but not empty-handed. A face stared back at me, one of Elizabeth’s puppet creations. There are many here and about to unexpectedly meet ( Daguerre Upon the Stair ) , between those from her art student days, her examples for her drama and art students and, now more recently, puppets, masks and costumes for her community theatre group Elliot Lake Roundabout Exceptional Puppeteers .


As I have said in previous posts, our home has, at times, become a surreal cacophony of art and found objects through which scamper cats and a curious dog, while the lizards watch with a zen-like wisdom.


shadow ghost-face smile

as glass eyes watch  knowingly –

a cupboard recluse

has friends in hidden corners,

whispering laughter reclines.



Bunraku face


Bunraku 3


Bunraku 3 Monochrome

Approaching Halloween

Spooky Skull

Skull creeps past the eye –

shadow ghost grows on fence  –

just paws in garden ……..




ghostly  scene mt

rustling spirits rest,

walk in quiet stealth – waltzing,

whiskers touch whispers

Cat in the Gardens of Ulthar2


See post – In The Gardens of Ulthar for more spooky chills.