Haikus: Contemplating Trees in B & W

Snow clings to branches.

Winter, rentals remain empty.

Dreams of Spring flocking.

Tree awaits Spring,

Memories of Autumn cling

As Branches’ Dreams bud.

The Crow sees many levels;

His world is not limited

By narrow perspectives.

Horizon lines

Reveal more than one angle.

NOTE:  For those who are concerned with such matters, the last one is not a Haiku, in the traditional sense. I recently read the following related blog posts by Don’t confuse the narrator  about the Nature of Haiku:  april-Laundry day  and fragmented thoughts on haiku . Also check my page on Haiku & poetry for other haiku links of interest, including, “Sixty-five (Conflicting) Rules of Haiku” by Jane Reichhold.

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