Ice Fishing Lines out on Elliot Lake

Ice Fishing 1


Ice Fishing 2


Ice Fishing 3gr

 I told Lee ( Beyond Purgatory ) that I would post some shots of the Ice Fishing on Elliot Lake ( Ontario Canada) . They should be a nice counterpoint  to her post Line Up – Lady Elliot Island (A small coral cay at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef ).  I will leave it to the viewers to decide which is a better choice for a vacation.


Ice Fishing 4


Fishermen & Ice Fishing Huts


Fisherman & Ice Fishing Hut


Brown Ice Fishing Hut


Orange Ice Fishing Hut


6 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Lines out on Elliot Lake

    1. elmediat

      My wife dragged me out for the walk with the dog. It has not been a great winter for me – tend to stay indoors. The extreme colds are very discouraging. Looking forward to warmer milder weather, but unfortunately unique has become the new normal when it comes to weather patterns.

      Good to see you out & about the blog-dimension . Thanks for the shout out on your blog – it is much appreciated. 🙂

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  2. leecleland

    Thank you Joseph, I know where I’d rather be 🙂 But in all honesty what a contrast, and those little huts are amazing do they really have stoves in them?? Wouldn’t that melt the ice? So many questions your images raise in one who has never experienced cold like you have every year.
    Tire tracks over the lake too! And in the last image what are those men digging for – water?

    1. elmediat

      See we have sparkling white beaches too, along with the lake and a lot more. 😀

      The stoves do help warm the interiors, depending on how well the constructed-insulted the owners have made their huts. The ice is very thick or the pickup trucks could not carry/drag the huts on the ice. As to the activity , those folks are maintaining their ice holes and checking their lines. You have to drill hole using an ice fishing auger. You drop the line in to catch the fish. The holes will ice up. If you look at the enlargement of the fifth image you can make out faint vertical lines. These are sticks used to mark the fishing holes.

      Big advantage – no sharks or polar bears in our area. 😀

      – snowmobiles need at least 20 centimetres (8 inches) of clear blue ice

      – light vehicles need 30 centimetres (12 inches) or more

      – double the thickness if the ice is white or opaque

      – heavy snow on a frozen lake or river slows down the freezing process

      Found this shot of ice hole drilling online :

      For some beautiful & amazing ice huts see: Richard Johnson has so far photographed 650 ice shacks from across Canada for his Ice Huts project.

      His online Portfolio –

      1. leecleland

        Thanks for all that info Joseph, I am now soooo much wiser but still glad I don’t live in that cold 🙂 Interesting and practical the thicknesses of ice before you can drive various machines on it I don’t think I would trust my car on ice – just too permanent if you do go through! Thanks for the link to Richard Johnson’s project on Ice Huts, wonderful photos and shows the ingenuity and creativity of man in making all the different styles. I love seeing the results of a project that someone has spent years putting together like this one, it inspires me.

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