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Three Amigos

Three Amigos

During this Holiday season, our two bearded dragons had a house guest. They were very protective of the little guy.  He was generally very active and comfortable with them.  My big camera  made him slightly more cautious and the big guys kept an eye on things to make sure no harm came his way.

Bearded Dragon : Texted & Monochrome

Bearded Dragon CLr


Bearded Dragon Monochrome

Difference of Opinion

Difference of Opinion

I tell you climate change is real !

 You’re wrong. It was just a burnt out bulb in the heat lamp.

You are such a dinosaur.

In your dreams.

Surreal Thursday: I See You

I See You Too 2   I See You   Liz-Liz   I See You Too

What if Wednesday: Bearded Dragon -Daguerreotype Colour

Bearded Dragon Hot Glass Variation MT

Two more variations on the what if  speculation of taking colour photographs using the Daguerreotype Process, instead of having to hand paint/tint the finished image .  Perhaps in another reality they are taking portraits of their pets right now.

Bearded Dragon Daguerreotype Colour Variation MT